About Susan

My goals is to share with you a ground breaking way to create a new reality and live a life that you truly love working with the Super Conscious.

Susan has been leading people to success throughout her career. She has helped many individuals create massive success in their life, through his transformational coaching techniques. 

She works with people who want to live the life they most want to live, beyond what they think is possible.

You see, we all have limitations on what we think we can do. 

We all have great aspirations of having an amazing life and yet we never seem to be able to take the right action to make that happen

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have and also your greatest asset.  Far greater than your house car or any other physical thing.  Without your mind, none of that is even possible.  

Susan has studied and been certified in many techniques like Voice Channeling, Soul psychic healer, , NLP, Quantum biofeedback, Plant and tree spirit medicine, Shamanic training  and many more.  They were all great and very powerful.

Susan brings the best of everything he has learnt and applies it in a personalized, easy to understand way, unlocking you to be the best person that you can be.

Through year of learning, Susan has had many life lessons many amazing teachers and experience with connection to spirit. She is a direct channel for spirit and connecting to the Super Conscious.

She is here to awaken humanity one person at a time

There are 2 ways to join

The “Awaken to your Super Conscious package is personalized 1-on-1 coaching is provided though online video calls each week.

It provides the fastest changes for you.

Transformational 12-month subscription, where you join our group video training call. 

5 Video Trainings, Mediations ,Transformational Processes. Weekly Mastermind Calls and a Facebook Support Forum,

With this Mastermind will help you hit your goals Faster than you could believe, and
help you create a massive contribution to yourself and have an impact in the world

I have found awakening to your super conscious to be a game changer in the world of personal development, self-awareness, and excellence in results. So happy you're here to unleash your power and genius!