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Daily Practices to Manifest a Better Reality

The key to manifesting our life lies in our feelings, words, thoughts, and actions. When we learn to align our thoughts and intentions with our desires, we can manifest in every way possible. I would share with you some essential guides to lead you before you start your daily practice for manifesting. HERE ARE THE […]

What Is Manifesting?

You may have heard someone tell you to “manifest” your goals or your dreams, but what exactly does that mean? The idea of manifestation is to purposely influence yourself to achieve these desires and make them become a reality. The concept of being able to manifest may seem unpractical at first. “HOW CAN I POSSIBLY […]

The True Meaning of Intention: 6 Steps To Harness The Power Of Intention

Intent A series of actions that begins the process. The thing that you plan to do or achieve to bring into motion. The key to personal transformation is intent we can only transform ourselves to the degree that our intent is engaged. Setting intentions Each journey begins with intention. Setting the intention is the foundation […]