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Our 5-Step Process To “Magically Manifest” And Become the Conscious Creator of
Your Own Life

Create new habits to change your way of being and living!

Leave behind the thought that you need to fix yourself

Learn about my profound personal development tools to get into a new structure and create your reality

Recode and transform your life working with the Super Conscious

3- 1-hour live class a week plus an online university with over 24 transformational

This program with help you

-Create a life of your true passions. A life that you truly love.
-Health and vitality.
-Live your true nature and purpose and be the predominant force in your life.

A question for you .. Is your past stealing from your present and your future?

Look no more. This will be the last personal development class you will ever take.
I am sure you are saying to yourself how can I do that?

With this new revolutionary process!!

We have created simple video trainings, entering into the wizards gate, mastermind classes and meditations.

These processes get you into a new structure to create your reality without having to fix yourself. Getting out of the problem fixing reality and create your ideal life

You will connect you with your Creative Power and provide techniques for compelling
end results that you truly desire.

Module 1: Meditations & Weekly Training
#1 – Values
#2 – Magnetic Alignment Formula
#3 – Responsibilities of the Unconscious Mind
#4 – Perceptual Shift
#5 – Cognitive Dissonance (Inner Fire)
#6 – Emotional Recode
#7 – Dissolve Conflicted Parts
#8 – Quantum Jumping
#9 – Double Bubble
#10 – Family Entanglements
#11 – Family Unplugging

Module 2: Foundations of A Magnetic Mind
#1 – Recommended Readings List
#2 – Weblinks

Module 3 Meditation Hub
#1 – Money Belief Meditation
#2 – Emotional Flood Meditation
#3 – Double Bubble Meditation
#4 – Quantum Jumping Meditation
#5 – Intention for the Day Meditation
#6 – 3 Minute Anchoring – Feel Motivated
#7 – Negative Belief Ancestral Flip
#8 – Parts Integration
#9 – Wisdom Meditation
#10 – Future Ghost Pattern
#11 – Quantum Change Process
#12 – Money Meditation

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Have a connection to like-minded people supporting your journey. Have a place to get your questions answere

Wake up to a new reality.

Ready to become a Conscious Creator and receive:

Personal Guidance
Clarity on your true desires
Create a life you love
Having health and vitality
Living your true nature and purpose
And Becoming the predominate force in my life

Behavior is the highest form of commitment

Become A Powerful Creator by Harnessing the Power of Your Superconscious

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