A Simple Process To Goal Setting Online Course

How many times have you tackled a new goal…

…only to run out of steam, lose focus, and eventually give up?

It happens to all of us, and it’s a real shame. We end up spinning our wheels, beating ourselves up, and getting no closer to attaining our biggest, most important dreams.

The real problem isn’t you. Its having the right system in place.


I’m willing to bet that you’ve followed lots of the popular advice around goal-setting… only to be disappointed.

Turns out, a perfectly constructed S.M.A.R.T. goal won’t bring you any closer to your dreams. Tracking your progress doesn’t ensure you won’t fall off the wagon tomorrow. And all the visualization in the world won’t guarantee your results.

The popular advice tells you *how* to set a goal, but not whether you *should* set a goal. Or it may focus on vision boards and not enough on action steps. Or it teaches you to track your progress, but not how to course-correct when you suffer a setback.

No wonder you haven’t been able to solve the puzzle of setting goals and maintaining momentum over the long term.

 You haven’t been given all the pieces.

What you need is a whole-person, whole-life approach that helps you set the right goals for yourself, stay motivated, and realize your dreams faster than you imagined possible.

I have  usedt his system and I call it MAGIC

The Power of A Complete System

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   A Simple Process To Goal Setting


Susan Brown is a Transformational Life Coach who shares with individuals ways to clear obstacles, transform their everyday life and connect with Spirit so they can align with their soul purpose.

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