What Is Manifesting?

You may have heard someone tell you to “manifest” your goals or your dreams, but what exactly does that mean?

The idea of manifestation is to purposely influence yourself to achieve these desires and make them become a reality.

The concept of being able to manifest may seem unpractical at first.


The answer is, indirectly, yes. There is action involved in achieving ambitions. However, where do all actions originate from? They originate from our thoughts.

Being able to influence and manage our thoughts can lead to positive changes in our lives, including the manifestation of desires.

Influencing Your Thoughts

The idea of being able to control our thoughts seems a bit impractical, not to mention overwhelming. We have thousands of thoughts throughout an entire day. How can it be possible to manage all of them?

There are two rather simple ways to both influence and control what we are thinking. The first is by our surroundings, and the second is by our emotions.

Using Your Surroundings to Manifest Goals and Dreams

The simplest way that our thoughts are influenced is by what we surround ourselves with. For instance, if we are surrounded by negativity then our thoughts are likely to become negative. Expecting for something to go wrong is a good recipe for disaster.

On the contrary, if we are surrounded by positivity, we are more hopeful for things to go right, and we usually find a way to make things work out.

Let’s say for instance that you would like to manifest your goal to become a bestselling author. A New York Times bestseller if you will. What would you want to be surrounded by? Many books probably. But what kind of books would you prefer? Books that are unpopular and not well written, or actual best sellers? You would likely choose the best sellers.

If you want to manifest your desires you must surround yourself with the result. By doing that it serves as a reminder of where you want to be, and you will subconsciously push for it. Then manifestation takes place and that desire becomes your reality.

Using Your Emotions to Manifest Positivity

A relatively simple way to manage our thoughts is by using emotions. While it is a rather easy thing to do, it can take some time for it to become a habit.

The idea is that our thoughts are usually accompanied by emotions. Being able to identify the emotion as positive or negative is fairly easy. If the thought makes you feel good or happy, then the thought is positive. If it makes you feel poorly, then it is negative.

Thoughts that are negative, such as worrying and complaining can be counteracted with positive thoughts. For instance, instead of worrying about not failing an exam, think about passing the exam. Or instead of complaining, practice gratitude.

Some Ways to Influence Your Thoughts

1.Make a vision board.

A vision board is a perfect way to visualize what it is that you want. It is a physical representation of what you desire from life. You can use pictures from old magazines, the web, or anything useful that you may find related to what you want. You can even use objects to surround your vision board to amplify your ideal surroundings!

2.Follow inspirational accounts on social media.

If you are looking to improve your fitness, for example, following fitness accounts on social media can inspire you to do just that.

Follow accounts that are related to what your goals are. Often, they offer advice on how to help you achieve your goals.

3.Write about your goals

If you are someone who is avid about journaling, you can write exactly what it is that you want: the perfect business, career goals, where you would like to live, and so on.

You can also write a plan and words of encouragement to help guide you to where you want to be or what you want.

Take Your First Step Toward Manifestation

What is something that you can do right now to start manifesting your dreams into reality?

  1. Figure out what it is that you desire.If you have many ambitions pick the one that is most important for you in your current stage of life.
  1. Create a personal mantra related to your goal that you can meditate on every day.

3.Surround yourself with the results of your goal.

It can be through writing, a vision board, a shrine, social media, or anything that works for you.

  1. Be mindful of the thoughts that enter your mind.

If you find yourself thinking negatively, remember that it will hinder the manifestation. Replace any negative emotions or thoughts with positive ones.

You Have the Power to Create Yourself

Your mind is your most powerful tool. Take the energy around you and transform it into what you want and let it seep into your mind. It is the easiest and probably the most enjoyable step you can take toward manifesting your desires into reality.

Awaken… your spirit that is within you
Ignite … the fire that inspires you
Align… with your hearts desires

Susan E Brown

Transformational Life Coach 

Cell: 207 513-2353


People feel inner peace and balance in all areas in their life when they connect to Spirit and co-create their lives.

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