How Do I Release Whats Holding Me Back?

How do I release what’s holding me back?

The energetic cords are what is holding you back.

I am sure you are wondering what are energetic cords and how do I release them?

As I am writing spirit is showing me so that you can understand the power of energetic cords.

When you are born you are connected to your mother by the umbilical cord. That is your connection. You feel your mother energetically and physically. Then they cut the cord. Then the first thing they do is reconnect you by placing you on your mother. Reconnecting that bond.

In our lifetime we connect with a lot of people thru talking touching, physical activities and even now thru our phones. You could think about it as any connection we have with other people. This also goes beyond people to your animals and any other life form you connect with.

It is important to know all cords are not equal. An interaction with someone in the supermarket is not the same as a family member. You can visualize it like different sizes of spaghetti.
So why do we want to release these cords that have attached over our lifetime? Also, these cords can connect to past and future events and people.

Today we are going to talk about the here and now.

How do we know if these cords affect us?

Why would we want to release them?

How do we release?

How do we know if these cords affect us?
To feel drained or tired and not knowing why
Do you feel upset for no reason?
Do you find yourself trip stressed a lot
Are you not able to ground or centre yourself

These are just a few reasons for you to realize that you had energetic cords

How do we get these attached cords?

It’s very easy you can get these courts by talking to somebody touching somebody
Having personal relationships with people connecting with coworkers. If somebody sees you and they see that you’re the bright light and then you have energy consciously or unconsciously taken attach accord to get more energy from you.

Why would you want to release these cords?

To have healthier relations
Be more centred
Have more energy
Be able to live in the moment
Those are only a few to wet your whistle. (That’s usually not what I say but that came from so I wrote it)

So now the big question how do I release these cords?

You can go to an energy healer that specializes in releasing energetic cords.

The other way is you can do it yourself. Both are very effective.

But I have found over the years even working on my own cords that it is stronger release if someone else cuts your cords

Today I will also like to empower you so you can do this exercise yourself use it daily weekly monthly whenever you feel that you needed again.

First, stand tall with your feet placed firmly on the ground
Let your arms relax by your side
Take three deep breaths
In for 4 hold for 2 an out for six

Say to Mother Earth.

Please release all the cords that do not serve me.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I’m Susan Brown, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Healer, and Inspirational Channel.With empathy and compassion, I assist individuals in opening their hearts to find their soul’s true purpose.  I use Shamanic rituals, spiritual guidance, and Earth Medicine to guide you through your journey of discovery and align your soul’s purpose with your earthly life.

Awaken… your spirit that is within you
Ignite … the fire that inspires you
Align… with your hearts desires

Susan E Brown

Transformational Life Coach 

Cell: 207 513-2353


People feel inner peace and balance in all areas in their life when they connect to Spirit and co-create their lives.

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