How Can I Connect To My Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are our helpers who have been sent here to assist us.

They can be very helpful and can empower our lives greatly when we learn to acknowledge them and begin to communicate with them, allowing them to assist us in all we do and on our path to spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Connection can come in different forms.

As you work with your Spirit Guides, you will find they have different ways of connecting with you and will use those ways most of the time so you immediately recognize who has come calling.

Once you’ve come to know the patterns of your spiritual connections, you’ll no longer wonder what that was.

How can I connect to my spirit guides?

Everyone has at least one spirit guide and sometimes more.

Have you ever been driving home and for no good reason, you decided to take a different route, only to find out later that there was a bad accident?

You can thank your spirit guide for that. Our spirit guides are here to help us and direct us by communicating with them. All you need to do is connect to your spirit guides.

You might be thinking to connect to your spirit guides you need special abilities. But that’s not true everybody was born with these skills to communicate to their guides.

When I speak of guides, it’s an overall term for guardian angels, higher self, archangels, and totems friends from the plant kingdom and many more.

It is the guides that used feel personally connected to ones that you resonate.

Just to get your mind thinking when you were a kid did you have an imaginary friend, I had one. I didn’t even remember it; I’ve been spending more time with my mother and one night she told me I had an imaginary friend I didn’t even know.

Maybe you had an imaginary friend and didn’t even know.

Have you ever realized you’re connected to a particular animal or the trees or certain angel?

This is just to get you thinking

For all of my life, I heard my name being called out and not seeing anybody there, but I knew I heard my name.

When I heard my name, it always got my attention, and I’m into the place that I should pay attention that there was something that I needed to see most of the time it worked out perfectly.

I was very happy when they called my name and got my attention. Years later I found out that this is my guardian angel that is with me all my life being there protecting me guiding me and helping me

So are you wondering how I connect with my guides?

When I was first connecting with my guides through a medium, I asked the spirit, how to connect with you, and their response was call on us every day, and we will be there to help you.

On a side note, once you start working with your guides you are going to realize that some are very funny and some are very serious.

Each one has a certain mission and a certain purpose to be in your life.

However, your spirit guides choose to show you they are around.

All it takes is being aware of your surroundings. You’ll find there are plenty of signs to show that you have connected with your Spirit Guides.

To begin communicating with your Spirit Guides

You will need to set aside some quiet time when your mind is calm from all the normal day-to-day distractions

I find that when I have a strong connection my life is so much easier, and I am so much happier.

Below are steps to connect you with your spirit guides.

Here are the steps

I am…(Put your full name)

In the power of the heavens and my guidance and guardians

I asked my guides and guard to come in and work with me today.

To help me in my day and provide guidance

To show me signs that they are here with me

Now silently say a prayer

Ask for protection and ask for guidance. Ask humbly that your Spirit Guide begin to communicate with you.

Say to yourself or out loud

Thank you thank you thank you

This is only a way to start

As you keep on working with this you can start changing the words to what you align with.

Awaken… your spirit that is within you
Ignite … the fire that inspires you
Align… with your hearts desires

Susan E Brown

Transformational Life Coach 

Cell: 207 513-2353


People feel inner peace and balance in all areas in their life when they connect to Spirit and co-create their lives.

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