Who Are Spirit Guides?

Who Are Spirit Guides?

Spiritual beings are supernatural beings that are assigned to us when we are born. There is a connection between the human body and soul with another world, the spiritual world that directs our path on earth. Everyone has a purpose on earth; spiritual beings send everyone with a contract and help us fulfil it after we come to earth. They guide us in fulfilling respective duties and ensure our role is duly complete before incarnation. In short, human life is controlled in another realm. While you may be making choices and scratching your head with options, the choice you make at the end of the day is influenced by spiritual beings.

What are they really?

Spirit guides vary with respect to how long they stay in our lives and what impact they make in particular fields of life. Some spiritual guides are focused on helping you achieve your goals and own desires while some have a definite role in ensuring you follow their path. Some are powerful to the extent of punishing you if you fail to act according to their expectations.

Also, spirit guides differ in consciousness. Some control more than one person and have significant influence in your life while others only specialize in a specific area. There is no physical or verbal communication when it comes to interaction with our spirit guides; it is purely feelings and instincts.

Most eastern cultures believe that diseased relatives are the main persons veiled in these mysterious beings. Incarnation is, therefore, a common belief in India and other early civilizations of the East. The belief proposes that these beings are dead people who have taken incarnations or spirits yet to gain corporeal form. This is, however, less likely because they rely on your energy to help you fulfil your earthly mission.

Their Role

Spirit guides see beyond our limits. They are, therefore, better placed to see the trend in our lives as well as the near future. This means they can help us avoid danger in both minor and major issues of life. The big challenge comes in communication because there is a high likelihood of misunderstandings and misinterpreted signals. Let us explore some of the ways the guides attempt to communicate.


Spiritual guides are always alert to detail and committed to helping you through impending events vital to your life. They send synchronicities as alerts. You need to be keen to get the interpretation of the signs correctly. It is easy to miss or misunderstand most of the signals. It could be as simple as coincidently meeting someone in a crowded city severally on the same point with the same clothes.

Gut Feelings

When a guide needs you to pay attention to something, they will be insistent and poke on your gut. Never keep a habit of ignoring your gut because you could miss crucial messages from your spiritual guide. For example, you could wake up to a terrible feeling that you cannot point out. No matter how much you try to ignore it and continue with a normal day; the issue keeps you low and laid back. This could probably be one of those moments, which your spiritual guide is working on your gut.

My Case

It began in my early childhood when I took a keen interest in hearing my name called softly in a distance. I know this happens to many people but as a child, you never have a clue of what it is about like most other people, I ignored it. I never forgot, though. It made me pay attention to my surroundings. I kept looking around to try noticing anyone in my privacy. I tried to catch the presence of anything I could notice. it took me many years to realize it was my guardian angel around me all that time.

Most children referred to friendly unseen beings as imaginary friends in the society I grew in. I was sure that someone or something was around me most of the time when alone. I even felt them communicate and play with me. As I grew up, I dropped the idea of the person as imaginary because I felt their close contact only I could not see them. Now I know that it was my guiding angel who could not stay far from me most of the time.

The reason for the narrative my experience is to help you realize your own.


To create a close contact with your guardian, you may develop a routine. For example, exercising by relaxation especially in the morning will help clear your mind to focus on their presence. Take some time with our eyes closed and call on them. Acquire a good attitude and wait patiently without distractions. You may not get a sign initially; not to worry.

Attempt frequently until to learn to grow deeper into connection with them. This is called guided meditation.

During this process, try to get answers to your purpose of living and other life’s questions.


Our lives are influenced by a different realm; we all have spirit guides that we are subjected to. In one way or another, the decisions we make are influenced. We are on earth for a purpose and for a season to fulfill a contract. You need to meet your higher self to achieve a quicker way to your dreams. It will help you get the wisdom to deal with your weakness and improve your abilities.

Are you ready?

Uncover Your Next Best Step In life!!

Pick any aspect of your life that parenting. If you want to Tune into your own energies, get answers, heal yourself, create synchronicities, eliminate negativity and enjoy a more abundant life you feel you’re stuck in right now — business, love, career, health, and spirituality

How can you do that?

Here is the way to do that

MissionI share with an individual a way to clear the obstacle, protect themselves and connect with Spirit so they can align with their soul purpose. And the way I do this is through one-on-one sessions over the phone or in person. People feel inner peace. balance in all areas of their life. They connect to spirit and co-create their lives Most importantly I show people how to use very simple tools that will bring them into alignment in their everyday lives and ways to connect with spirit.

Awaken… your spirit that is within you
Ignite … the fire that inspires you
Align… with your hearts desires

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People feel inner peace and balance in all areas in their life when they connect to Spirit and co-create their lives.

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