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Susan Brown

a Transformational Life Coach who shares with individuals ways to clear obstacles, transform their everyday life and connect with Spirit so they can align with their soul purpose.

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Transformational Life Coaching is to help you to live a life of joy, well-being, vitality, prosperity, and success.

Find your inner truth and wisdom so you can pursue your intentional life path – without limits!

Clear obstacles, connect with Spirit, and TRANSFORM your everyday life

Things aren't happening as quickly as you'd like.

Here's the TRUTH:

There’s a BIG problem in the personal development world when it comes to mental reprogramming that no one is talking about and …
It’s the difference between being “satisfied with what you have” or being able to “consciously manifest a life that is aligned with your true desires”.
You see, traditional “rah rah positivity-first style” methods of brain reprogramming only address half the equation… they focus on “fixing” or “healing” your existing problems (and or past traumas).
The problem with these methods are that … the nature of problem-solving means you will always have to look to fix or improve things in order to be motivated.
Consider this… if no problem exists your brain will still automatically go looking for problems to fix in order for you to “improve”… because that’s what its been programmed to do!

Why … because in the past fixing problems has been your primary focus and more often than not you will find more than enough to go around. So much so that it becomes a lifelong journey of the problem-solution orientation of books, seminars and it’s a stark contrast to what the super successful do … they don’t try to solve problems instead, they create what they love.

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